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Introductory post, as requested

Hello, everyone. I'm Rebecca. I'm nineteen. I just moved to Glasgow for uni. I like words, the internet, and being boring. And buses.

As one of the dedicated maintainers of Edinburgh's 41busroute community, I was delighted to discover that not only did Glasgow have a bus to equal the 41 in sophistication, but that this most excellent bus also had a livejournal community devoted to it. So here I am. :)

I've already had some exciting adventures on the 44, one involving watching someone stick this to the back of a seat, and another involving...um, sort of, er, not realising the bus was no longer In Service after the terminus...and narrowly avoiding being locked up in the First garage for the night.
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i'm upset to learn that the 44 is now operating in night bus form but only to the south side. AHEM, also: i rather think all members should post introductory posts!