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the 44

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A community for users and fans of the 44 bus service in Glasgow, Scotland.

all day tickets, amelie-esque encounters, anti-car, architecture, avoiding eye contact, bath street, being environmentally-friendly, being late, belle & sebastian, blonde sandstone, broomhill, buggies, bungalows, bus conductors, bus shelters, bus stops, buses, byres road, camera obscura, cathcart, cca, charing cross, chewing gum, clarkston, cottier's, crow road, double decker buses, dowanhill, eaglesham, ethnic minorities, falling down the stairs, falling over, first bus, friendly drivers, georgian conservation villages, getting splashed, gibson street, glasgow, glasgow city council, glasgow university, graffiti, highburgh road, hillhead high school, hyndland road, hyndland secondary school, impromptu adventures, ipods, jordanhill, jordanhill school, journeys, kelvingrove park, knightswood, langside, netherlee, nice 'n' sleazy, offices, offshore, old ladies, peckham's, people with beards, pound please, purple and turquoise, queen's park, queer old men, red sandstone, relatively middle class passengers, renfield street, rivalry, sauchiehall street, school children, scotstoun, semi-detached villas, sheltering under trees, sitting on garden walls, sitting on your own, skiving off uni, smoking upstairs, south side, st. thomas aquinas, strathclyde university (jordanhill campus), students, sub club, suburbia, sunny days, talking to strangers, tenements, the battlefield rest, the cathouse, the city centre, the occasional ned, the odeon cinema, the south side, the victoria infirmary, the west end, tie dye clothing, tinderbox, traffic jams, unfriendly drivers, university of glasgow, unreliable timetables, variety bar, victoria park, victorian glasgow, west end